Address the imbalances of life

Many of us turn to yoga to help relieve stress and relax, but yoga is often fast paced and tough going matching our busy lives. When we are stressed it is not only in our mind, our physical body can often hold stress without us even noticing. How many of us have suffered from stiff necks and tight shoulders at some point in our lives! Well this is just one example of our muscles clenching and holding on to the worries and stresses that our minds can sometimes create. But when we start to relax and release our bodies, our minds will soon follow.

Restorative yoga relieves the effects of stress. We use props such as soft bolsters and blankets to support the body when relaxing during the lying down postures. These postures can be held for longer periods of time to really begin to allow the body to release, relax and let go of tension.

At Yoga in Balance we can start to address the imbalances of life - busy mums, stressful jobs, the insomniac. Whatever your circumstances, we can provide a deeply relaxing environment where we can restore a sense of balance and enables you to hit the reset button!

So why should you do a Restorative Yoga class?

  • To allow yourself to fully recover from the stress and strains of every-day life
  • To lower blood pressure and the heart rate
  • To relieve joint ache, back pain and injuries
  • To help with depression, fatigue and sleep disturbances


The list of reasons why you should do this class could be endless, so come and give it a go and see how it could benefit you!

Class Timetable

I love the yoga classes after a stressful week at work it helps me completely unwind.


It is just sometime for me. It has helped me with my migraines and keeps me relaxed. I feel you leave ready for the weekend stress free. It is a small friendly group and Naomi makes each class so different and really makes it cosy with the soft candles. I certainly miss the class if I cannot attend.


I have regained the ability to get a good nights' sleep



I suffer from a real bad back and have a lot's of stress at work, also have trouble sleeping. The class for me helps all the above, on my last restorative yoga section, I slept for over 9 hours something I have not done for years.